Every year I'd join back the gym with the intention of getting ready for summer. I thought I was well able to do it alone until I started training with Jamie. I did 3 sessions a week with Jamie for 4 weeks and he provided me with a nutritional plan. Firstly, what I liked most was how much of a variety the nutritional plan gave. It wasn't just your basic same meal every day. Secondly, not only was it easy to follow, the meals were quick and simple. I didn't have to spend hours every night doing meal prep (This probably helped me stay on track the most, food wise).

When it came to training, I thought how hard could a 30 minute session be? Well to say I was pushed to my limits is an understatement. However, Jamie knew when I physically couldn't do anymore and when I was lying to myself saying "I can't do it".

During one session, I had to give up after the second of three rounds (my own fault for doing 30 minutes cardio before my session).
Instead of giving me a hard time, Jamie said "for every circuit you can't get through, it brings you closer yo completing your next one."

As much as I dreaded the circuits every week, he still managed to motivate me to keep going when I wanted to give up.

Thanks to Jamie, I now feel confident enough to train by myself with everything that he has taught me. He doesn't just stand there and tell you what exercises to do, he takes time to explain the exercise, what part of the body it trains and the benefit of the exercise.

In 4 weeks, I've lost 3.6kg (8lbs). I feel much more confident in myself, and much healthier.
Overall, living with your Personal Trainer? Wouldn't recommend.
Jamie Cronin Fitness? 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
Leah Cronin
10 Weeks Personal Training