I want to help you reach your goals for 2020
and save you money while you do it.
Check out the Timetable:

Breakfast Club Timetable

Want to lose weight?

Increase Muscle Mass?

Improve your fitness levels?

I have spaces available for people looking to smash their goals in the early months of 2020 and I’m offering them a 20% discount to do it!

No only that, but I’m also throwing in a FREE Nutrition Plan (Normally €150).

What is The Breakfast Club?

Early morning sessions! These include 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions and a Twice-Weekly Conditioning session available to people looking to save even more money.

Is it for me?

If you have goals to achieve and would prefer to get your workout done before work then this is what you’ve been looking for!

How much of a discount do I get?

You get 20% off regular PT packages. This discount unfortunately doesn’t apply to Pay As You Go sessions.

What about the Conditioning session?

This is a 30 minute, semi-private intense workout to get the heart rate up and torch fat. We’ll use weights, anaerobic training and bodyweight exercises. Because the limit is 3, you can expect 10x as much attention from the trainer than a normal conditioning class.

Do I need to bring 2 friends?

Absolutely not! The session is open to any 3 people who book in. Because of this, it’s cheaper than a regular PT session. These are strictly Pay As You Go though.

How can I sign up??

Before you sign up, let’s make sure this is really the package for you. Come train with me for a free session! But be mindful that you must be a member of FLYEfit Cork to avail. Sign up here: